5 Basic Tips for Wedding Video DVDs

Today's wedding videos are delivered to the customer on a DVD. The days of the analog video tape have become extinct, as we have now entered the digital age. Here are 5 basic tips to help you craft together a DVD your customers will enjoy.

1. Create Chapters

What makes digital media superior to it's analog predecessor is that you have the power to instantly jump from scene to scene. But, in order to do that, you need to set up chapter markers. If you have Adobe Premiere and use Adobe Encore to make your DVDs, then this will be very easy to do because both programs are designed to work together. Simply create chapters by adding markers to your video timeline. It's important that all the important events in the wedding are separated by chapters. Guest arriving, the ceremony, cocktail hour, etc.

2. Use a Video Clip for the Menu

Menus that incorporate a video clip are more dynamic than ones with a still picture. Find a ten second clip of the bride and groom and add music to it in your editing program. Design it so the clip plays and then ends on a freeze frame, which stays that way for about 30 seconds. You'll bring this clip into your DVD authoring program to serve as the video for your main menu where it will play on a loop.

3. Think of DVD Authoring Like Map Making

Your wedding DVD is going to have two options in the main menu: play movie and scene selection. When authoring a DVD, think of it as making a map because that is what it looks like in the program. If you have six different chapters, then it will branch in six different directions.

4. The Only Menu Options Should Be Play Movie and Scene Selection

Once you begin authoring DVDs you might find it to be a lot of fun. Just remember that you're making these for a customer, not yourself. Resist the urge to make a special features section or add commentary.

5. Always Play the Disc Back

Try to preview the content before burning the disc. If everything seems fine, then go ahead and burn it. After you make the copies, play each one in your DVD player to make sure they're all right. You don't want your customer to be at home watching it when it cuts off in the middle. Always watch what you make so you are sure to always be delivering professional products to your clients.

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