4 Useful Features of PhotoPost

PhotoPost is a type of computer software used to share photos through an online gallery. It allows users to post images and talk about the photos in an online forum environment. Some of the useful features include:

1. Fully Integrates with VBulletin Forum Formats

VBulletin users will enjoy the fact that PhotoPost was made to work with this popular forum format. It integrates seamlessly and effectively with all vBulletin websites, allowing users to have the benefits of only needing to have one password and login in to use it (instead of needing one for both the program and their vBulletin website forum). It also uses the same style sheets and other features.

2. Easy to Customize

You will find that it is simple to customize the program so that it blends in with your existing website theme and style. PhotoPost allows you to change just about all features, including the colors, fonts, headers, footers and sidebars. If you are a professional photographer, you will enjoy the ability to add an Adsense code so you can work your revenue needs into your site for your customers.

3. Simple to Install and Use

You will also find that it is simple to install, even if you are new at using computers. The install is done through the website. However, if you have any problems installing the program, the PhotoPost customer service representatives offer install services to help get your site working in about a 24-hour time frame.

4. Photo Ratings

This program allows users to share photos and post comments on each other’s work. This gives users a way to know if they are doing a good job with their photos and provides hints and tips for a better product using PhotoPost software.