4 Situations Where BadCopy Pro Comes in Handy

BadCopy Pro can be used to help recover your data and keep it safe. Computers are privileged with many important files and documents. There are times when your computers hard drive may become corrupted or fragmented. In this case you will need to use software such as BadCopy Pro to find and recover the important documents on your computer.

1. Corrupt Memory Cards

All digital cameras will store their photos on memory cards. These are essentially computer disks and so can become damaged or corrupt. If your memory card has become corrupt then you will be able to use BadCopy Pro to recover the files and save you a lot of time. This will make it possible to avoid needing to try to take the same photos again.

2. Damaged Optical Media

Another way that BadCopy Pro can help is when you have damaged optical media such as CDs or DVDs. This software will help to recover all of the corrupt files.

3. Accidental Deletion

Sometimes you might accidentally delete files or photos that you actually want to keep. Fortunately these still exist on your hard drive which means you can use BadCopy Pro to help recover them.

4. Damaged USB Drives

USB drives are becoming increasingly popular. If your USB drive is corrupt or damaged then this software can be used to help recover the files.