4 Reasons to Use WebCamXP

WebCamXP is software for recording and monitoring activity via webcams and network cameras. It can be used for businesses or privately for homes for safety purposes. It allows you to record from various cameras and manage them all from one computer. This is a perfect tool for people who have to keep an eye on their inventories, such as retail outlets and convenience stores. Here are four reasons to use this program:

1. Supports Various Devices

This program can support different devices, making it very flexible in terms of its application. For example, it can support webcams with USB input and also mobile IP cameras. You can pair it with a wide range of hardware so compatibility is rarely a problem.

2. Supports Various Streaming Modes

You can also choose from various steaming modes to suit your needs with WebCamXP. For example, you can go as simple as streaming still images to a computer if your hardware is not very advanced. However, you can also go all out by sending directly to your iPhone for mobility.

3. Simple User Interface

The interface of the software is not difficult to comprehend. There are a couple of tabs on the top of the screen that let you determine the settings and how you would like your webcam to function. It also lets you set the parameters of the type of monitoring you wish to implement.

4. Additional Effects

Aside from recording and streaming video, you are also allowed to add some additional effects. For example, you can use a simple black and white effect or a color negative setup. No matter what effect you wish to employ, WebCamXP will surely give you the best application for your security needs.