4 Reasons to Use PickLish

Making your own video and photo gallery has never been more fun than with PickLish, a simple program that runs on Windows and is capable of doing flash. It has a flash creator wherein you simply drag your photos or videos, and it compiles everything to make a great presentation. Listed below are some of the reasons to use PickLish.

1. Simple System Requirements

This does not require your system to be top of the line in order for you to enjoy it. It will work perfectly with Windows 98, NT and XP. It also has a very small download size, so hard drive space will not be a problem.

2. Drag and Drop

Making your own photo gallery has never been so easy. Simply drag and drop images to create your own flash gallery. The creator automatically creates it without too much human input. This makes the job of the user much easier.

3. Publishing

The ability to share flash videos and photos online with other people makes PickLish a very formidable program. It allows you to upload your work to the Internet or to your website if you wish it to be seen by the public. However, you can just save it in your hard drive for your personal pleasure. If you know how to program, you can even adjust the HTML code sent out by the software in order to further enhance your gallery.

4. Free

The program is free to use and you can download it anytime on the website. You can now enjoy making your own video and photo gallery at no cost at all. PickLish can be used by anyone at any time.