4 Reasons to Use Neat Image for Noise Reduction

You can make your images look their best with Neat Image. It is the best noise reduction software for digital cameras and scanners, as it reduces visible grain and noise in images to give you the best results. Here are more reasons why Neat Image is a great tool for noise reduction.

1. Windows and Mac OSX Compatibility 

You can have this software plugged-in to Windows or Mac operating systems for Photoshop 32 and 64-bits or as standalone tools. It is flexible to use for professionals and digital processing enthusiasts who would love to see a well-defined photo.

2. Quality of Noise Reduction

Because the image noise reduction algorithms for digital photography are developed by top-notch researchers and professionals, you can be sure of the highest quality in noise reduction. The wavelet-based methods used by the Neat Image ensure that the quality of the picture remains faithful to the original, even after the noise is reduced.

3. Functionality and Performance 

Apart from being a plug-in to Photoshop actions, batch processing can still be completed without the quality being compromised. When incorporated in a Photoshop workflow, chosen areas are where the changes are applied: Channel, Layer or Selection. At the same time, there are defaulted settings that will determine which changes should be made.

4. Cost-Effective

You can be sure that this software is one of the few that goes easy on the pocket. There are three options to choose from: Demo Plug in, Home Plug-in and Pro Plug-in. The Demo Plug in is for free and can be downloaded for non-commercial purposes. If you are interested in improving the quality of your pictures as a beginner, this version is very convenient as it allows new users to navigate and familiarize themselves with the system. The Home Plug-in provides greater support for 8-bit images, and the Pro Plug-in can be incorporated in Photoshop actions with 8 and 16 bits.