4 Reasons to Use Makeup Pilot

Makeup Pilot is software that makes it easy for anyone to touch up a photo. It allows for quick changes to a picture with very visible results. It is all done with a few clicks of a mouse. Adobe Photoshop users can use the plug-in that comes free with the software. Whether you use the software or the plug-in version, there are a few reasons Makeup Pilot is so great.

1. Apply Makeup Directly to a Picture

Makeup Pilot allows you to touch up a picture just as a cosmetician would a real person. You can apply lipstick, eye shadow and even powder. You can even use the software to experiment with how a certain color combination would look on you.

2. Perform a Virtual Facelift

The software allows you to clear away wrinkles, red spots, birth signs or other imperfections. Using just your mouse you can do a complete makeover of the picture in minutes.

3. Restore Old Pictures

Bring old photos back to life by running them through Makeup Pilot. You don’t need professional Photoshop artists and it can be done in seconds.

4. Prepare a Picture for Online Use

We always want to present our best pictures, whether it’s for use on a social media network or to attach to a resume. Create a good first impression by having the perfect photo for your online needs.