4 Reasons to Download JetPhoto

JetPhoto is a program that makes photo editing and management easy and fun. It is well designed software that makes the sometimes-tiresome task of tending your images relatively amusing and effortless. You also have flash animation options that can be applied to your images to make them more attractive and interesting.

1. Web Albums

When you’ve already organized you photos into an album, you can publish and share these albums online for your friends and family to see. You just need one click and it will upload to your website via the JetPhoto server.

2. Album Storage

The images in JetPhoto are safely saved in albums that you can share and upload. These albums are also very easy to organize, just drag and drop the images or the folders to categorize them properly. Importing images can also be done from your digital cameras and these can go straight to your albums to be organized.

3. Photo Viewing

When viewing photos, there are some tools and options that may come in handy. For example, when trying to find a photo, type the keywords in the search bar and the photos connected to the corresponding keyword will come up. When looking at thumbnails of photos, the photos relevant to the keyword will be highlighted. This is photo viewing made easier.

4. Editing Photos

Aside from organizing and viewing, you are also given the option to edit your photos to a certain extent. You can enhance them by adjusting brightness, contrast and changing the resolution in order to make them look much better. Once you’ve achieved the desired effect, save them and put them in your JetPhoto album.