4 Reasons to Buy Video Insight

Video Insight is high-performance IP camera software that has a comprehensive set of functions to suit your monitoring needs. It gives you a complete package of solutions, whether you are a business owner with multiple sites that need monitoring, or just a simple head of the household looking for some added security for your home.

1. Supports Numerous Camera Models

This product supports a wide range of IP cameras, over 650, to be precise. You can more or less use your own existing camera; you don’t have to buy a new one just to make this system work. This is because the manufacturers took into consideration the hardware constraints of its potential users, and made the system easier for everyone.

2. Multi-Location

Video Insight is also capable of handling multiple cameras in different locations. This is especially important for businesses with several offices that need monitoring from one location. It gives you more control over your other concerned venues and gives you peace of mind.

3. Storage

You can also store your video recordings on several platforms, and save them on your hard drive or even on online servers. Each camera recording can be stored in different locations for purposes of safety and security. In addition, you can set the maximum number of days or time to store recordings. This makes it more space efficient.

4. Easy to Use Interface

Although it is comprehensive and high performance, this product makes it very easy for you to view and manage your cameras. The main screen is basically divided into three parts. You have the main viewing section, a navigation tree on the left and a toolbar. Video Insight makes everything simple for its users.