4 Reasons to Buy Topaz Vivacity

If you have images that need enhancing and repairing, Topaz Vivacity can help you out in that aspect. It is a Photoshop plug-in that can remove jpeg distortion due to compression, repair image noise and improve resolution. It’s a simple add-on that can greatly ease your photo editing sessions while using Photoshop. Here are some reasons to buy this program:

1. Sharpening

Sometimes you may take hundreds of pictures at a time and you may not be able to screen the quality of these pictures at the moment. For example, some of them may be blurred in some areas, or worse, the whole picture. This product is able to effectively sharpen images without any loss in quality.

2. Noise Removal

If you have images that are grainy due to inadequate lighting for example, the image is suffering from image noise. Topaz Vivacity can greatly lessen or totally remove image noise and make your photos smooth and clear. It also normalizes the brightness of the image making it clearer as a whole.

3. Removing Jpeg Artifacts

Since jpeg files are relatively small in size and therefore very easy to store, it ultimately comes with a price. When images are being converted into Jpeg and compressed, there is some loss in quality which can be seen in some areas of the image. This software can remove these artifacts that make your Jpeg images look like the original.

4. 2X Enlargement

When using image-recording devices with limited capabilities, such as mobile phones with cameras or mp3 players, sometimes you’d wish that these had larger megapixel bases so you can take larger pictures. Topaz Vivacity can now double the size of your image and still retain the quality of detail that your original image possessed.