4 Reasons to Buy Picture Window Pro

Picture Window Pro is a photo-editing program that is packed full of tools to allow you to optimize and manipulate your image files. Here are some reasons that you should buy this excellent program.

1. Manipulation of Raw Files

Picture Window Pro has been updated to include more ways to control working with raw image files. You now have more power over the manipulation of colors, exposure, brightness and contrast features, getting rid of noise, sharpening and blur.

2. Transformation Options

Picture Window Pro now lets you automatically save your changes as you go. You can also redo an option you have changed before, edit more than one image at the same time, open your work in a separate work window, and then save it as a side file so that when you open the picture file, you can automatically apply the option you chose.

3. Better Printer Controls

The program now lets you simulate your printer in a separate window so that you can see how the finished product will work without actually printing it. The feature can be controlled from the toolbar of the program.

4. Customizable Toolbar

The new version of Picture Window Pro lets you add buttons to the toolbar. This actually lets you personalize the toolbar.