4 Reasons to Buy PhotoZoom Pro 3

Benvista’s PhotoZoom Pro 3 is very useful software that allows you to resize and enlarge your digital images like a professional. It uses an award technology called S-Spline Max interpolation which provides a greater quality result when compared with standard alternatives. Here are a few reasons to buy and use PhotoZoom Pro 3 and get fantastic results in no time.

1. Cross-Platform Support

It works under the latest versions of both Windows PCs and Macintosh OS systems. You can share files between the system while maintaining quality and integrity. The plug-in it offers is compatible with the latest version of Photoshop.

2. Ease of Use

You will get professional results out of it even if you are not a professional. The handy presets and advanced fine-tuning make it easy for anyone to use, even amateurs.

3. Use Alone or with Photoshop

The application comes with a plug-in for Photoshop users but it also has a standalone version that you can use without investing money in other software.

4. Process Multiple Images at Once

The pro version offers great support for multi-processor computers and allows you to work batches of files at once. You can also do this with JPEGS and remove artifacts and noise in the process.

5. Trying before Buying

Benvista offers a free trial before purchase which is a great way to assess the value before paying. It guarantees you’re satisfied with PhotoZoom Pro 3 before fully committing.