4 Reasons to Buy PhotoZoom Classic

Benvista’s PhotoZoom Classic is specialized software that will help you get the best results when enlarging or resizing your images. It uses a patented technology called S-Spline to get results that surpass other options on the market.

1. Multi-Platform Support

PhotoZoom Classic is compatible with the latest versions of both PC Windows and Mac OS systems. It has increased support for both systems and a big variety of image types. You can also share files between the systems without affecting the integrity and quality of the picture.

2. Easy to Use

Presets makes it easy for anyone to use, while manual tuning means even professionals will get the best results based on their needs. A large preview window with instant results will make sure you never work in the dark.

3. Packed with Features

You can use the software to reduce compression artifacts or noise from JPEGs and create stunning crops. You can also use it to have perfect enlargements thanks to its proprietary S-Spline interpolation technology.

4. Professional Software at an Affordable Price

Ordering from Benvista is safe and quick. The company has excellent prices and provides free trials so you’ll get guaranteed satisfaction before paying the price. They also have other products that work very well with PhotoZoom and a Pro version for professional needs.