4 Reasons to Buy PhotoPost

If you want a formidable photo sharing script for your site, PhotoPost is definitely a program that you should consider. The users that visit your site can upload and share their photos for the whole community to see.

1. Forum Software Compatibility

PhotoPost is compatible with the most popular forum software like vBulletin and PHPBB2 2.018 and up, so it can more or less be applied easily to your own website. This also means that the users within the community of your site will not need to register in PhotoPost separately, since it is compatible with your forum. All they have to do is use their existing login information to gain access and start uploading and sharing those photos.

2. Customizable Styles

You can also easily customize the look of PhotoPost to make it blend better with your site. You can change the colors and outlines in order to make it feel like a part of your site. This is to avoid making it stick out like a sore thumb and make it seem like a totally foreign program that was stuck into the community.

3. Easy Installation

Installing the program is as easy; even the inexperienced webmaster can handle it with no problem. The installation is basically done through your web browser, so you just have to follow the instructions. You can actually even avail of the developer’s installation service if you’re really not up to the task.

4. Product Updates and Support

Upon purchasing and acquiring your license for the software, you will gain access to its unlimited downloads area where you can get constant updates to the program. PhotoPost gives you full access for a year and is renewable every year for a very minimal cost.