4 Reasons to Buy PhotoCleaner

PhotoCleaner is a very simple and straightforward program to use. It basically enhances your images with one click of the mouse. Most of the time, the average person can take so many pictures that most of these pictures are not of the best quality. Some may be blurred or bland. This program can fix these problems in an instant with just one step and enhance your images quickly. Here are four reasons to purchase this program:

1. Auto Image Enhancing

As mentioned above, this program automatically performs image enhancement with just a click of your mouse. It performs this on several aspects of your image such as auto-rotate, noise reduction, sharpen and a lot more. You can also tweak the settings by unchecking the boxes of these aspects so the program will not alter that certain aspect if you wish.

2. Batch Processing

Let’s say, for example, you went on a ski trip with your family and randomly took hundreds of photos. It would definitely be very tedious to go through each one and enhance each photo individually. However, you can do it all in one go and enhance the images simultaneously by turning on the batch mode setting.

3. Free Trial

The product gives you a chance to test it out first for 30 days so you can see the benefits before you even buy it. You can download it for free without any commitments in order to gauge your need for it.

4. Multi Language Support

This product is also available in other languages besides English, like German and French, for example. This therefore gives more people around the world the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of PhotoCleaner in their own language.