4 Reasons to Buy PhotoArtist

PhotoArtist now makes it possible to apply an artistic touch to your digital images and make them seem like they were painted on a canvas. This program offers a wide variety of painting styles and effects that can be done to your photos to get that artistic feel. You can choose from more than 50 filters and mix and match them with other features such as color blending, in order to get your desired result. Here are four reasons to buy this program:

1. Over 50 Filters

You can choose the type of effect that you want applied to your image with the built-in filters. Simply select the style of the filter and it will automatically be applied to your photo. These filters will give your image that painted look.

2. Language Support

This product also has support for numerous languages so it can be enjoyed by people all over the world. People from across the globe will now be able to relate with you on the great capabilities of this software.

3. Minimum Requirements

PhotoArtist is also not a pain to install in your system. This means that your PC or laptop can probably handle the minimum resources it requires to function. For PC users, it will work on Windows 95 and up, all the way to Vista. For Mac, you need Mac OS X or 10.4. You also just need a maximum of 256MB of RAM and 25MB of disk space.

4. Ease of Use

The interface is also quite simple, doing away with the numerous and complicated buttons that most people fail to understand. Just select the type of filter on the left of the PhotoArtist main screen and adjust the slider bars to get your desired effect.