4 Reasons to Buy Photo Go

Sony’s Photo Go software is great program to help you organize, manage and view your photos in one platform. You can also edit your photos using basic editing tools in order to get them the way you want them to look. It helps you organize your photos and will give you tips and suggestions on how to further arrange your library.

1. Full Organization

You can use Photo Go to import all of your photos from your digital camera into your computer. It then automatically locates your libraries of photos and saves them to that location. You can, of course, change how the program suggests you to organize your photos, so you still have full control. It simply gives you an easier view on how to fix your photo system.

2. Favorites

From the thousands of photos that you may have in your PC, there are definitely a few worth remembering, and these are most probably your favorites. However, they can get lost in that ever-growing pile of images on your hard drive. You can now apply star ratings to your photos so they can be seen and viewed easily.

3. Effects

Add effects to your images with Photo Go. Make your images different by turning them black and white or negative. This adds a little more character to them and can make them more interesting.

4. Tutorials

Tutorials are also available so you can easily learn the ins and outs of the product. Watch and listen to these tutorials so you may know the steps on what to do to achieve your desired output. Photo Go can easily teach you how to go about navigating the software.