4 Reasons to Buy Morpheus Photo Morpher

The number one reason to buy Morpheus Photo Morpher is because it is very easy to use, and it also helps you to transform a person or object into something totally different right there in front of your eyes. If you want to infuse some life into your pictures, then you will want to use this software. Here are some other reasons to use Morpheus Photo Morpher:

1. Photo Effects

You may already have seen the result of these photo effects on television and in movies, as well as everywhere else. With this software, it is easy to create photo effects in a Hollywood-style, and you can do it on your home personal computer. As long as you have a couple of digital pictures and this software, the rest will be very easy.

2. Morph Pictures

You can use this software if you wish to transform your picture into that of a celebrity. You can also animate photographs of your friends and family members and even those of pets, celebrities as well as politicians. You can also morph virtually limitless pictures into something totally different.

3. Share Morphed Pictures

Not only can you morph as many pictures as you like and into anything and anybody, but the software also makes it very easy for you to share the morphed pictures among friends and family in seamless manner thanks to its own email features.

4. Render Morphs Differently

It is easy to use this software to render the morphed pictures into all the most commonly used formats including Animated GIF and Flash SWF. You can export frames in JPEG, TIFF and PNG formats.