4 Reasons to Buy iView MediaPro

You can manage your digital files easier with iView MediaPro, a customizable software that lets you import, organize, search, annotate, archive and distribute your files. Here are four reasons to buy iView MediaPro:

1. Powerful Import Options

Importing your files is easy with a user-friendly interface. You can drag and drop the items no matter what the format is. You can import your images, sound files, photos, fonts, illustrations and everything else in between. From PDF to RAW files, you are sure that they can easily be imported anytime.

2. Batch Processing

This time-saving software allows you to rename, convert and annotate multiple files easily. You can choose from different scripting support, either from Visual Basic, Javascript or Applescript. This is a good way to apply your customized settings to all of the files, making management easier.

3. Flexible Display Options

Because of its user-friendly interface, you can review, organize and present your files easily. You can create different styles of presentations easily and change them as you please. Processes are completed without the hassle.

4. Wide Export Options

You can share and distribute files quickly with the creative options that iView MediaPro provides. You can create slideshows, movies and photo galleries with ease, have your printouts in different layouts and sizes, and store them for future use with the compact archiving and retrieval database.