4 Reasons to Buy Hallmark Scrapbook Studio

Hallmark Scrapbook Studio turns your photos into memorabilia worth preserving in very easy steps. Scrapbooking need not be tedious or messy to churn out pages of personalized photos and bylines with this software. Created by a leader in card design and creation, Scrapbook Studio guarantees some of the best features perfect for any scrapbook enthusiast. Here are four reasons to use this program:

1. Easy and Simple To Use

It takes three easy steps to create a scrapbook page with your pictures, text and selected décor. First choose the page design, lay out your photos and materials, then print it.

2. Templates, Art Images and Embellishments

Create and recreate your scrapbook pages with Hallmark’s 1,200 template choices, 1,000 decorative embellishments, 500 exclusive fonts and 7,000 art images. You can also choose journal, family tree and photo frame templates or even add your own art images to expand your collection.

3. Built-In Digital Photo Editor

You can check image flaws and enhance pictures with Scrapbook Studio’s Digital Photo Editing functions. Crop, rotate and resize photos, remove red eye, improve contrast and fix brightness easily without exiting the program.

4. Low System Requirements

All you need is a Pentium III 330Mhz computer with 60 MB RAM, a CD-Rom, a 16-bit color video card and a color printer. Also, this program can run on Windows 98 to Vista.