4 Reasons to Buy GeoVision Software

GeoVision Software is a company that makes a variety of products including DVRs, IP cameras, video servers, access control hardware, and other types of hardware and accessories. Here are some of the reasons that you will want to buy GeoVision Software:

1. Awarded Products

One reason to choose GeoVision for your software needs is that it has won several awards for its products between 2000 and 2009. Some of these include MIT Excellence in 2009, Outstanding IT applications in 2004 and Golden Root award in 2005.

2. Extensive Online Support FAQs

Users who have questions or issues with their GeoVision products can go online and take a look at the extensive file of FAQs. These answer many common issues that can arise with their hardware and software products. There are also software patches that are posted to correct problems with existing software. The contact page requires users to click on the issue at hand to help speed up the help process.

3. Wide Variety of Products

GeoVision makes a wide variety of software programs that are designed to be used with their surveillance and other hardware accessories. Some of these titles include a Detect Tool for cameras, applications for mobile phones, various utilities for their products and upgrades for their existing products. Most of these can also be downloaded from the GeoVision website.

4. Online Downloads

With GeoVision software, you get the advantage of being able to download the latest upgrades for your products. You can also download some full versions of programs they make as well.