4 Post Production Tips for Baby Photography

Baby photography is a very competitive industry to be in; to stand any chance of succeeding, you will need to ensure you have a good reputation. The key here is to focus on offering great customer service and a fantastic finished product. Baby photos are very important because they will help parents remember the day their child was born.

Taking photos of babies is a challenge. They move, and they can be very stroppy. Computers, however, can make taking great photos of babies much easier. Digital photography has made post production very simple, and there are all sorts of effects that you can use to enhance and improve photos. Here are 4 post production tips:

1. Post Production Isn't a Substitute for Skill

Some people think that computer software is able to make up for a lack of skill, however, this really isn't the case. Computer photo editing software might be wonderful, but it can't do everything. If you already start off with a poor photo, then no amount of editing on a computer will be able to make up for this.

Concentrate on improving your photography skills so that you can take better quality photos in the first place. You should be getting a lot of practice taking photos of children, as they have a habit of moving very quickly.

2. Know When to Touch up

Computers are capable of removing almost anything from a photo very easily. It's possible to remove blemishes, scratches and pimples from photos. Just because you can do this, it doesn't mean that you should always. There are certain times when the babies features might not need touching up.

Babies normally have very good skin and so minimal touching up should be required. If there are any spots from milk or chocolate on their face, then this could be removed quite easily. Also, anything in the image which shouldn't be there can also be removed with ease.

However, if there are any birthmarks on the babies face, then it's a good idea to leave these as they are. The birth marks are part of the baby's appearance and aren't something that will disappear as they get older.

3. Know When to Apply Filters

Sometimes a soft glow filter can look wonderful on baby photographs, but you shouldn't always use it. Parents will want a wide range of different shots of their children.

4. Create Photos to Last

Baby photos are not novelty items. Don't give into post production fads such as applying sunbursts or colored tints to a photo. Make sure that you are creating beautiful pieces of art which will stand the test of time and last for a very long time to come.

These photos are very important because they will be looked at by so many people.

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