4 Key Features of Text Anarchy

Text Anarchy, formerly known as Digital Anarchy Text Anarchy, is a text animation program made by Red Giant Software. Text Anarchy gives you precise typographic control while allowing you to create text effects, such as animating text or using text to create background noise. Here are 4 key features of Text Anarchy:

1. No Keyframes

Most text animation programs require the use of keyframes. That is not the case with Text Anarchy. You will never be asked to set and adjust keyframes while you are using Text Anarchy.

2. Text Plug-Ins

Text Anarchy is a very affordable text animation program, but that doesn't mean that the program skimps in the features department. Text Anarchy comes standard with eight different text plug-ins that you can use to create special effects. Those plug-ins are TypeOn, Cool Text, Text Spiral, Font Changer, Text Matrix, Screen Text, Text Hacker and Text Grid.

3. Anarchy Toolbox Filters

Red Giant Software has included a set of toolbox filters with Text Anarchy that will really come in handy when you are applying special effects to text. A few of those toolbox filters are Gradient Path, Smooth Tiler, Gradient and Path Distort.

4. Geomancy Plug-Ins

One of the best features of Text Anarchy are the included Geomancy plug-ins. Geomancy plug-ins were previously sold separately for $99. The Geomancy plug-ins that are included with Text Anarchy are Grid Lines, Hail Lines and Grid Squares. You can use these plug-ins to create different backgrounds and patterns in Text Anarchy.