4 Important Features of iMatch

iMatch is a photo management tool for people who fall in the realm of professional photography or are just passionate about it. It helps in organizing data and has great import/export features. Here are some of the important features of this software.

1. Organization 

iMatch has great tools that help you organize and classify your images. It has a vivid user interface that is designed for high efficiency. It is equipped with an uncommon way of managing images. Along with the storage of physical image files, it also takes care of the virtual views of the files.

2. Tools

You can create folders, albums, keywords and more, making it easier to search through the stored images. It also has tools that help in the retouching of photographs; editing and enhancing them is made easy, too. You can see, transform, rename and even convert an image of your choice. Also, it automatically gets rid of the red eye.

3. File Formats

iMatch supports hundreds of different image file types or formats, making it easy to import and export files from any device or software. It also supports formats like MPEG, PDF and MP3--all non-image formats. You can also add GPS data to your files and create custom-made web and HTML support systems.

4. Applications

iMatch integrates easily with other applications through its customizable menu options, making it easier to use multiple applications through a single user interface. With all these wonderful features, it is definitely a good software to invest in.