4 Great Features of Digital Gem

Digital Gem is a software program that is used as an additon to the Adobe Photoshop program and is used to make corrections and improvements to images. Here are some of its great features:

1. Gets Rid of Noise and Grain

The DigitalGem program works to get rid of noise, such as dust, on a picture. It also gets rid of that grainy, blurry look some pictures have. Plus, it doesn’t make you search the whole image for the problem; you can find it and work on just that one area that needs to be fixed.

2. Can Read from Many Sources

It doesn’t matter where your pictures are stored, DigitalGem can read them and work with them. You can import from a scanner, CD, DVD, camera, flash drive and more.

3. Lets You Make Studio Style Corrections and Additions

This program can get rid of things like the lines from the edge of a file, sharpen an image better than most un-sharping masks can do, and add several other included artistic changes (as done at a professional portrait studio).

4. Works as a Plug-In

Digital Gem can also be used with other photography programs as a plug-in for helping the serious photographer. This makes it so you don’t have to buy a secondary editor to use with programs like Photoshop.