4 FAQS about AndreaMosaic Photo Mosaic Software

AndreaMosaic Photo Mosaic Software is a program that you can download for free which creates mosaic images of your photos. It takes your photos and arranges them into tiles for mosaics. Simply choose the photos that you want to be included in the mosaic and the program will automatically determine the optimum placement of each photo in order to make a larger image. Below are some questions commonly asked about the program.

1. Why Do You Ask End Users to Give Credit to AndreaMosaic?

Since you can use AndreaMosaic for free, developers of the program rely on its users’ network in order to increase product visibility and further expand user database. This in turn will increase the probability of donations. Giving credit to this photo mosaic software will also help developers see the potential of the program through your artwork.

2. Why Do You Have a Bonus Pack?

The bonus pack is a way of thanking people who help out the developer of AndreaMosaic through donations. This bonus pack contains additional patterns that you may enjoy.

3. Why Do You Have a Professional Version?

Since development of new features and tools costs time and money, developers of AndreaMosaic need help through donations. Financial help therefore pays for the improvement and betterment of the program. You get the professional version if you donate $38 or more.

4. How Many Images Do You Need to Make a Good Mosaic?

The more the images, the better and more interesting your mosaic will turn out to be. Although using a few images can also make a mosaic, it is recommended that you put in as many pictures as you can in this photo mosaic software.