4 Essential Features of Topaz Vivacity

Topaz Vivacity is a Photoshop plug-in that has many improvement tools and image enhancement to offer. The features incorporated in Vivacity set the basics for all the Topaz products; they have also led to the improvement and development of of numerous products from the Topaz-Photoshop Bundle. Regarding features, here is what users can expect from Topaz Vivacity:

1. Qualitative Noise Removal 

Topaz Vivacity has a wavelet-based filter that can remove noise without damaging the details.

2. Edge effect and Unique Line 

This is a combination of the Sharpen filter with the clean filter that generates artistic line and edge effects on the image.

3. Zoom in with no Loss of Sharpness or Detail 

Topaz Vivacity offers a far better zoom than the basic bicubic interpolation in Photoshop.

4. Reconstruct and Sharpen Edges

no edge ringing, no aliasing and no noise amplification; Topaz Vivacity’s smoothing function improves the overall quality of detail in the sharpening process. 

The producers of Topaz Vivacity have currently interrupted sales and trials of Topaz Vivacity. The reason for that is that they plan to launch new and improved products. Even so, Topaz Vivacity staff will continue to answer questions from users.