4 Effects Found on Camera FX

Camera FX is an iPhone application that allows quick modifications and enhancements on photos in the phone’s memory. There are various effects that can be utilized. The list below features some of the most popularly used effects on the phone and in professional photo editing programs.

1. Sketch

This turns the colored photo into a black and white mock pencil-and-charcoal photo. It is used by people who want to make their profile pictures or iPhone backgrounds into moody stills that look like they were conceptualized by Goya, El Greco or Elsheimer.

2. Sepia

For that “oldie” sentiment, the sepia option turns any photo taken on the iPhone into a rust-colored monochrome. This makes the photo look aged, and with careful editing of the subject’s background, can make any shot look vaudevillian at its finest.

3. Fisheye

Comical and witty, the fisheye option exaggerates the “bloat” and “zoom” effects on the subject, making it look like it was being viewed from a very small, beady-eyed creature. This is perfect for humorous profile pictures and “Hello World” themes.

4. Neon

The neon option reverses the colors and exaggerates their contrast, making the photo into a surrealistic Andy Warhol centerfold. This can run along the lines of hoity-toity art and a personal, emotionally charged photograph.