4 Cool Features of Plastic Bullet for the iPhone

Plastic Bullet is a popular iPhone camera application developed by Red Giant Software. The software makes taking photos with your camera great fun. There are many wonderful features which are included in the software, which makes editing and touching up your photos on your phone very easy and convenient. This is a toy camera app, which makes your photos look quirky and fun.

1. Easy to Use

The user interface of Plastic Bullet is very easy to use. Take a photo with the software and then tap the refresh button to cycle through all of the different types of pictures available. If you like the picture, then tap the heart button to save it.

2. Saving the Original

Unlike many other novelty camera applications, it's possible to save the original image when using Plastic Bullet. This means that you can save an unaltered version of the photo for further editing in the future.

3. Sharing

Plastic Bullet makes sharing your photos very easy. The photos can be shared directly from Plastic Bullet onto many social networking sites, including Flickr and Facebook.

4. Multitasking

The newer versions of the iPhone support a multitasking implementation of sorts. This application is compatible with it, which makes it possible to answer the phone or do something else (but be able to return to editing later).