4 Artistic Features of Photo Premium

Photo Premium is a photo editing program that is made by Magix. In addition to allowing you to edit photos, Photo Premium can also be used for portrait optimization, graphic design and the creation of slide shows. Artistic features that are included with Photo Premium include creative templates, artistic design, image editing and easy portrait optimization. You will never get bored with the dozens of artistic features that are included with Photo Premium. This guideline will provide an explanation for the artistic features that are included with Photo Premium.

1. Artistic Design

Photo Premium comes preloaded with over 50 different creative effects. Some of those creative effects include pop art, drawing, painting, pastel chalk, canvas, water, fish eye, television and crumpled. Photo Premium even provides you with the ability to combine several digital photos to create a widescreen panorama. You don't have to worry about your photos becoming distorted when making panoramas because Photo Premium automatically corrects lens distortion. Photo Premium even allows you to combine certain aspects of multiple photos into one new image so that you can create a cool looking collage.

2. Creative Tamplates

You will find over 1,000 creative templates in Photo Premium. The creative templates that are provided by Photo Premium are fully customizable. You can use these templates to create CD covers, calendars, greeting cards, clip art and much more. For example, if you were creating a 12 month calendar, you would be able to show your artistic side by changing the photo and text that is displayed on each month of the calendar. The creative templates that are included with Photo Premium are great for home use and professional use.

3. Easy Portrait Optimization

If you have a strong creative side, you will love the easy portrait optimization that Photo Premium is capable of. When you take a picture of a human subject and load it in Photo Premium, you can use Photo Premium to enhance different aspects of that person's face, such as their eyes, skin and complexion. Photo Premium even allows you to change the facial expression of the subject in your photo. Photo Premium provides over 50 face morphing templates that can be used to alter pouts, shy smiles and much more.

4. Image Editing

If you are not happy with the way that your photo turned out, you can use the image editing tools that are provided by Photo Premium to enhance the photo. In addition to being able to remove red eye, Photo Premium allows you to alter the brightness, sharpness, contrast and saturation of your photos in no time. If you have unwanted objects in your photos, Photo Premium provides tools for cropping those objects out. One of the best image editing tools that is provided by Photo Premium is the photo restoration tool. The photo restoration tool allows you to enhance old photos and remove any tears or wrinkles that the old photo has.