3 Ways to Use Blurring in Lenscare

Lenscare is a widely popular video plug-in that is used by professional production houses to improve rendering times by moving the filed depth and generating out of focus areas (during post production). Lenscare can be used as a plug-in for Adobe After Effects software or any other compatible program. Here are three ways to use blurring in Lenscare:

1. Out of Focus Technique

Using the ‘Out of Focus’ is one of the fastest ways to achieve blurring. It simply creates a smooth and constant blur radius over the entire image. It can also be used with a custom lens and is ideal for providing background distortion to be used with semi-transparent areas.

2. Lens Aperture

The lens aperture is a popular technique to get the famous ‘bokeh’ effect. Using the lens aperture enables you to mimic the blur provided by many types of actual physical cameras. This particular technique assumes importance if the need is to blend computer graphical elements into the real world footage. It makes everything fit right. You can also use it to actually replace an aperture with a fully custom image.

3. Depth of Field

The depth of field or more popularly known as the ‘dof’ actually exists in all real world optical devices. The extent is just too small to be noticeable. When magnified, it can be used as a styling element. The lenscare implements blurring by this method, and does it by using it as a post process rather than real time. This drastically reduces the rendering times. Although, a depth buffer will certainly be required for conducting calculations.