3 Ways Astrophotography Software Improves Planetary Images

There are several astrophotography software programs that have been developed to improve planetary images. The software makes the images of planets more vivid and clear, giving a better idea of how these heavenly bodies look. There are several ways this particular type of software helps to improve the images from outer space. DSLR Control is a type of camera control software that remotely manipulates the DSLR for optimum image taking. It can control the necessary functions that can help improve space imagery such as ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Here are three ways astrophotography software improves planetary images:

1. Software Assisted Focusing

This type of software provides a live view of the subjects that are presently being photographed and allows for manually focusing the camera to get better images.

2. Aligning, Calibrating and Stacking Images

Image calibration and alignment is important in astrophotography because images need to be precise and accurate. Alignment of the stars and a constant exposure throughout all images are some examples of what astrophotography software can do.

3. Image Correction

Once images have been properly calibrated, further enhancement may be done by altering effects such as color balance and contrast in order to more clearly define the stars and planets. Astrophotography software helps in achieving this.