3 Useful Features of the Mobile Movie Maker

The Mobile Movie Maker can be installed on any mobile device to turn the mobile device into a portable movie theater. The Mobile Movie Maker can be used to convert movies into different formats and to watch both DVDs and TV shows. This guideline will go over a few features of the Mobile Movie Maker, such as a 1-click interface, video finder and batch conversion.

1. 1-Click Interface

The Mobile Movie Maker is extremely easy to use. With a single click, you are able to optimize images, set cuts, remove ads, shorten videos and much more.

2. Video Finder

If you have a ton of videos on your mobile device, it can be a pain having to sort through all of them. Mobile Movie Maker includes a video finder that allows you to browse all videos that you created in the past week.

3. Batch Conversion

It is likely that you will come across videos that are not compatible with your cell phone. That is no problem with Mobile Movie Maker because Mobile Movie Maker is capable of converting videos in no time. Mobile Movie Maker allows you to convert multiple selected videos to a new format with one click.