3 Useful Features of SmartDraw Fotofinish

SmartDraw Fotofinish is an easy to use photo editing program. SmartDraw Fotofinish can also help you organize, print and share your photos. In addition to being able to handle photos, SmartDraw Fotofinish can also help you edit and organize your web graphics and scanned documents. This guideline will go over a few of the many useful features of SmartDraw Fotofinish.

1. Photo Wizard

The Photo Wizard is probably the best feature of SmartDraw Fotofinish. The SmartDraw Fotofinish Photo Wizard will take you through 10 steps that are designed to help you edit, enhance and print your photos. The 10 steps that the Photo Wizard will take you through include rotate, cropping, exposure, color, layers, touch up, red eye, effects, borders and print. While you are using the Photo Wizard, SmartDraw Fotofinish will even show you a preview of the photo that you are editing so that you can make better design decisions. If you need any help while you are using the SmartDraw Fotofinish Photo Wizard, a comprehensive listing of tool tips and hints are provided in the in-depth user guide that comes with SmartDraw Fotofinish.

2. Printing and Sharing Your Photos

SmartDraw Fotofinish makes it extremely easy for you to print and share your photos. Whether you are looking to print your photos, e-mail your photos, or publish your photos to the Internet, the wizards that are provided by SmartDraw Fotofinish will guide you throughout the process. The SmartDraw Fotofinish Print Wizard is capable of setting your photos up so that they can be printed in sizes that range from 2 inches by 3 inches through 8 inches by 10 inches.

SmartDraw Fotofinish even comes with fun print layouts that you can apply to your photos to create the perfect greeting card, holiday card and much more. When you purchase SmartDraw Fotofinish, you are given access to a free FotoFinish Net account that you can publish your photos to.

3. Photo Editing Tools

Once you get the hang of editing photos in SmartDraw Fotofinish, you may not want to use the Photo Wizard anymore. In that case, all of the photo editing tools that are included with SmartDraw Fotofinish can be used independently of the Photo Wizard. SmartDraw Fotofinish also comes with a few photo editing tools that are not covered by the Photo Wizard. For example, if you want to create a unique looking photo, SmartDraw Fotofinish allows you to convert your photos to both sepia and black and white with a single click of your mouse.

Other special effects that come standard with SmartDraw Fotofinish include blur, emboss, mosaic, solarize and texturize. If you are a professional photographer, you will love that SmartDraw Fotofinish allows you to create digital watermarks on your photos so that no one can steal your work.