3 Useful Features of Image Doctor

Image Doctor is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in that is made by Alien Skin Software. Simply put, you can use Image Doctor to create the perfect photo. The algorithms that are featured in Image Doctor allow you to:

1. Retouch New Photos

Do you want to soften the skin of your subject? That can be done in Image Doctor with a single click of your mouse. You can also use Image Doctor to remove blemishes from the subjects in your photos, such as scars, tattoos, and moles.

2. Restore Old Photos

If you are looking to restore an old black and white photo of your parents, that can be done within minutes by using Image Doctor. Image Doctor is even capable of repairing rips and scratches that your old photos might have.

3. Remove Unwanted Objects

Image Doctor comes with a feature called Smart Fill. If you have items that you want to remove from the background of your photos, Smart Fill can remove those items for you. Smart Fill will then fill in the area so that it matches the background of the rest of your photo.