3 Useful Features of Editstudio by Media Chance

EditStudio is a program that is like no other. It is a digital video editing program for music and video editing. It has many useful features, including:

1. Composition Layers

This program comes equipped with composition layers for video, text, audio and effects. This will allow you to work with many different aspects of video, text and audio to give the right kind of flare to movies and other projects.

2. Color Correction

By using the color correction feature, you can rectify the color errors in the different portions of the picture.

3. Digital Photo Quality Level Controls

The feature allows you control the quality of the picture. The required quality of picture may differ if you want to put in on web. This feature allows you to adjust the quality according to your needs.

Due to the in depth features, you might want to consider running through the tutorial  to familiarize yourself with the program. This program will edit everything from movies, videos, music and media files. You can edit your audio, and it has a 5 band equalizer.