3 Useful Features of Alien Skin Snap Art

Snap Art 2 is the latest offering from Alien Skin. It provides you with useful add on tools for PhotoShop, Photo Elements 6 and Corel Paint Shop Pro X2. When you run through the items you can do with it, it can only make you excited. The array of opportunities to enhance and change your photos can only be bewildering to someone just starting out. It’s literally a case of where do you start and what first. Snap Art2 is just one of the offerings available from Alien Skin and they also have a bundle of all their products together at a considerable saving.

  1. Pencil Drawing: One thing you can do with Snap Art 2 is to change the entire photo into a pencil drawing. Snap Art is the nearest thing to turning you into Michelangelo at one click of the dial. Alien Skin's website gives full video instruction of the step by step process of how to use their filters.
  2. Impasto Filter: With their “Impasto” Snap Art filter, your photo of the latest landscape you took can become a perfect watercolor painting, which when you then get it printed on to a canvas will be a proud memento of your efforts.
  3. Cartoon Your Photo: Using the Cartoon filter you can easily Rotoscope your photo and turn it into the block shaped art similar to a carton. The possibilities in Snap Art are endless.