3 Unique Features of PicturestoEXE

PicturestoExe is photo slideshow software that puts joy into photo sharing by helping you add music, animation and comments to your photos. PicturestoExe software is available in a standard and deluxe edition and can run on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. It supports the following languages: English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. The features that make this software unique are:

1. Single Executable File

While other slideshow creating programs create many executable files to run just one slideshow presentation, PicturesToExe creates just one slideshow. This file is not incomplete as it contains all the photos, music, videos and effects that have been applied to the slideshow. The images can also be zoomed, panned or rotated. The software also gives you the liberty to multi-select, drag and drop between slide lists and file panels.

2. DVD Burning

After creating your slide show, PicturesToExe allows you the liberty of burning it to a DVD. The software used here is VideoBuilder and it does the work really fast. This tool also gives you the chance to re-set the slideshow menu and any other DVD related parameter.

3. Output Options

There are great options as far as output is concerned. If you want to create a professional slideshow using 3D effects, you can have an HD video output. This output uses H.264 codec so you are able to see the slideshow in HD on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. There is also an effect that can help you output the slideshow to run on iPhones and iPads for easy access anywhere.