3 Tips for Organizing Your Projects in Final Cut Pro

Once you have started working on a number of projects in Final Cut Pro, you will need to know how to get them organized as efficiently as possible. This way you won't lose track of where your projects are, and how much more work you need to do on them. You may also find that you want to preserve previous pieces of work, just in case someone wishes to view them again (or maybe you would like to preserve them for personal reasons). There are a number of ways in which you can organize your project after you have completed it, but it won't mean a thing if you haven't already made the project neat and tidy. Here are 3 organizational tips:

1. Organize from the Start

Make sure that you have the tools in place to organize your items right from the start. Don't allow yourself to lose time by having to organize all of these things at the end. Begin the project with two hard drives, one which can be used for the Final Cut Pro software, and a second one to store all of the files which you create. You need the second drive because most video files take up a lot of room. If you try and store all of your videos on one hard drive, you will give your machine a breakdown, and storing them on discs or USB connectors will not be quick enough to handle all of the work that you are going to be doing. Instead, take a new, clear hard drive, and connect it to the computer which has the Final Cut Pro software on it.

2. Create Files

On your software hard drive, create a  number of folders labeled things such as FinalCutProjects, or VideoProjects. Choose names that you will remember, and also which clearly make them stand out from similar folders. If you work using video, and also edit personal videos, you may need to clearly mark which folder contains what kind of project.

On the storage hard drive, make similar folders in which to store your project. Call it something like "Final Cut Pro Documents". This file name is what the computer will be searching for, so unless you can enter it into the system and change this name, you should concentrate on just using this document folder for your files.

3. Be Organized during the Project

Once you have these folders set up, you will be ready to organize your work as you proceed with the editing. You should store all of your video projects in the second hard drive. As soon as you have completed the project, give it a reel tape number, and make a note of this in a document on your software hard drive. This will allow you to access the details of your work easily.

Once you have finished the project, make sure that you archive all the material properly, by backing it up onto DVD. Preserve the film, but don't leave it on your software computer, as too much video data will slow the computer down.

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