3 Reasons Why Knoll Light Factory Is a Good Buy

Knoll Light Factory is a motion graphics tool that is made by Red Giant Software. Knoll Light Factory was designed by John Knoll, who was the co-creator of Adobe Photoshop. Knoll Light Factory is a good buy because of its custom lens editor, 70 powerful presets and auto-obscuration tools. Knoll Light Factory is also very affordable for a motion graphics tool.

1. Custom Lens Editor

The Knoll Light Factory custom lens editor allows you to create your own flares. Elements that are included with the custom lens editor in Knoll Light Factory include Ellipse, PhotonSpikeBall and StarFilter. If you don't want to build your own flares, you can use one of the many presets that the custom lens editor has.

2. 70 Powerful Presets

Knoll Light Factory comes with 70 powerful presets that you can use to create cool motion effects. A few of those presets are RedLaser, Distant Quantum, Generic Panavision, Arc Wedler and Desert Sun.

3. Auto-Obscuration Tools

The auto-obscuration tools that come with Knoll Light Factory allow you to obscure flares with objects. For example, you can obscure flares with cars or enemy spacecrafts. The objects come between the flare and the viewer, which creates an awesome looking graphic.