3 Reasons to Use Web Picture Creator

Web Picture Creator is an online application that helps you create and share your own picture albums. There are other features that are fun and the fact that it is absolutely free for non-commercial purposes makes it worth trying. You can create and maintain your albums online. Here are some of the uses of this application and the reasons for trying it out.

1. Features 

The program is user friendly and enables quick album creations for online use, as well as DVDs. It has a great interface program that helps in translation to different languages, if need be. As a user, you will be able to create web pages using JPEG files, without any modification. You can customize your album creation or you can allow the application to do it for you. It gives you the option to create your own templates or choose from the existing templates embedded in the application. It's possible for you to control the way your thumbnails are displayed. Therefore, you can tell the application to create a specific number of columns and rows. It also automatically creates the required number of index pages for your album

2. Tools

Web Picture Creator helps you configure and re-size the thumbnails in an album, giving you the the choice to re-size, compress or simply use the picture in its original form. You can add personal touches with tools like 'rotate' that help you to rotate each image to 90, 180 and 270 degrees. Add comments and text-blocks to the images to make them more unique to suit your personality and your web page as well.

3. Commercial Use

As mentioned earlier, it is free for all non-commercial purposes. In case of commercial use, you can buy the license agreement on the website. With all this information, you know that there are more than three reasons for using the Web Picture Creator.