3 Reasons to Use Squizz for Distortions

A program by Human Software, Squizz is capable of distorting images to your liking. You can now manipulate and warp any image with a few simple clicks of your mouse. It is also compatible with other editing software. It will work on both Windows and Mac so users of these operating systems will all be able to enjoy the fun benefits of Squizz. Here are some reasons to use this program.

1. Ease of Use

When a software is supposed to make things fun and not boring, it should be easy to use as well. Its easy to use interface makes warping your images quick and precise. You can effortlessly alter the look of your photos by using the various options that are readily shown in the interface. You can also define specific sections of your image that you wish to distort.

2. Different Distortion Styles

This program also gives you four distortion styles to choose from, making it a versatile image enhancing-tool. You can choose from styles such as brush, envelope, grid and warp path. For example, the grid option dices the whole image into grids and from there, you can distort or move parts of the image to your liking.

3. Advanced Options

Although a simple program, it also has some advanced options for the hardcore distorter. You can do things you never thought you could do to an image and make the output look different and unique. For example, you can completely redesign the surface of a car and make the paintjob look totally different, or you can even make the car look like another model. A few simple steps are all that it takes.