3 Reasons to Use gPhoto2

gPhoto2 is a free digital camera software application for Unix-like systems. The application supports over 1,300 cameras. Some of the Unix-like systems you can use are Linux, MacOS X, NetBSD and many others. There are plenty of reasons to use the software, including:

1. Main Features

This is a software program that downloads pictures from a camera. Your photos are stored in the libgPhoto2 core. The core allows you to use photo editing software without the camera attached. This is good if you borrowed a camera, as you can have the pictures and so can the camera owner.

2. Command Line

The gPhoto2 command line helps you find which USB plug to use. Once it finds your camera, you will be able to start using the software to control the operations of your camera. You will be able to look at where the camera is pointed and adjust it to the right spot by just sitting at the computer.

3. Allows External Programs to Access the Digital Camera

The gPhoto2 core gives you full control over what external applications you wish to use on the photos. You are able to add ports into the core so that you can support another communication physical layer.