3 Reasons to Use gPhoto Software

The software gPhoto is software the camera manufacturers don't like as it shares the camera communication specifications. It allows you to bypass the proprietary software of the camera brand for multiple brand use. The gPhoto2 software is the command line interface of the lilgphoto2. The lilgphoto2 is able to connect with many different digital cameras and is a portable library. Here are some reasons to give this software a try.

1: gPhoto Software is Free

Having a program that allows you to load and organize your photos on your computer, no matter what brand your camera is, saves you money. A good thing about gPhoto software is that they haven't put a price on their product and it is free for the downloading.

2: Hundreds of Cameras in 1 Software Program

If you own more than one camera and it is a different brand than the other, then gPhoto software comes in handy as the program over 1000 different types of cameras. You will never have to worry about having multiple camera applications on your computer. All you will need is one and that one is gPhoto software.

3: Free Upgrades

When gPhoto upgrades their software you have the choice of when you wish to upgrade yourself. Within a few clicks, you can be equipped with the latest technology and thus enjoy the new features added in the new versions.