3 Reasons to Use Free Digital Scrapbooking

Free Digital Scrapbooking is a new way for people to create scrapbooks. A lot of people love scrapbooking and now they can do it by hand and digitally. Here are some reasons to use Free Digital Scrapbooking.

1. Save Work on Computer

Using Free Digital Scrapbooking is great as you will no longer get glue on your desk or your hands. All your work is on the computer. All your scrapbook papers, supplies and embellishments are saved to your computer's hard drive or on a back-up CD. Your house can be clutter free from all the papers, pens, magazines and sticky glue.

2. Arrange the Pages

You are able to arrange the pages of your scrapbook a lot easier using the program. No more shuffling paper pages and opening and closing binders.

3. Print at Home

Once you have finished your scrapbooking page, you are able to print it out to show your family and friends. Free Digital Scrapbooking also allows you to make multiple copies so you can share pages with people that live far away.