3 Reasons to Use DigiPhoto Gallery

Wizard software has a great program called DigiPhoto Gallery. DigiPhoto Gallery is a great program that allows you to create your own special online photo gallery. Your family and friends are able to see your photo gallery after you have used this powerful and easy DigiPhoto program. Here are some reasons to use this program.

1. Easy to Use

DigiPhoto Gallery is very easy to use for any age. There are only six very simple and easy steps to create your your own DigiPhoto gallery. The steps are: naming the gallery, adding your pictures, choosing gallery options, creating your gallery, uploading your gallery and saving your gallery. The photos you can use are JPG's, Gif's and PNG's.

2. Excellent Features

DigiPhoto Gallery has a lot of great features that draw people into using this software. You have the flexibility and total control of your design, photos used and the way they look in the gallery (being able to create thumbnail images that look professionally made). DigiPhoto gallery is now capable of reading EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format). This allows DigiPhoto to supply the time and date the photo was taken using a digital camera.

3. Trial Version

The DigiPhoto gallery's trial version lasts for 15 days and is fully functional. This allows you to test the software before you actually go and pay for it. This trial version makes the software quite appealing.