3 Reasons to Download Photoshop Album Starter

Photoshop Album Starter is a free graphics viewer that is made by Adobe. With Photoshop Album Starter, you are able to view, fix, and share your photos with ease. If being free isn't enough to entice you to download Photoshop Album Starter, this guideline will go over a few of the many features of Photoshop Album Starter.

1. Sharing Your Photos

Have you ever tried to e-mail your photos to your friends and family? It can be a pain having to select each and every photo that you want to share. Photoshop Album Starter is compatible with many popular e-mail clients, such as AOL and Outlook. With Photoshop Album Starter, all you have to do is select the e-mails that you want to share directly from the program and an e-mail message will be created for you.

2. Multiple Users

Are there multiple people that use your computer? If so, you will love Photoshop Album Starter. Photoshop Album Starter allows you to create individual accounts that you can save your photos to. With a single click of your mouse, you are able to switch between all of the users that you have created in Photoshop Album Starter.

3. Importing Photos

Importing and organizing your photos can be a real pain. With Photoshop Album Starter, you are able to import up to 15,000 photos at once. The photos that you import will immediately be available in Photoshop Album Starter, so you won't have to search your computer to find your photos and organize them by hand.