3 Reasons to Buy Silver Efex Pro

Silver Efex Pro is a useful tool for creating black and white pictures from your digital images. It is created by Nik Software and offers its user a comprehensive and efficient tool to turn all images, or parts of them, to black and white, achieving a professional result. If you are still unsure whether you should buy it or not, here are some reasons to consider purchasing this software:

1. Complete Control over the Picture

Silver Efex Pro offers you complete control over the picture you have, allowing you to have all the tools you need in one single program. Silver Efex Pro features an advanced algorithm which protects the picture against wrong manipulations and unwanted results. It comes packed with a rather impressive collection of emulated types of black and white film, and more than 20 in 1 preset styles, offering you complete and conscious control over the image.

2. Speed

Silver Efex Pro stands out due to the combination of speed and effectiveness. The user can choose the contrast and tones of the image without getting into masking and other complicated tasks, which are time consuming and a big hassle, especially if you have many pictures to edit. Silver Efex gives you the chance to place a control point on the image, or a part of it, and achieve the result you want by moving the slider.

3. Grain Engine

Silver Efex Pro comes with a sophisticated grain engine which is able to recreate the picture, making it look like an old, vintage, black and white image. It mimics the traditional halide process, recreating the pictures out of grain.