3 Reasons to Buy Print Platinum

Let Print Platinum replace your old printing software and prepare to be dazzled at the results. Create cards, calendars, scrapbooks and other prints that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Here’s why the personalized Print Platinum is a great choice for your printing needs.

1. Jump Right In

The software’s interface is so intuitive and easy to use that everyone can jump in and start working right away. You don’t need any editing skills; if you can use a PC, you can use Print Platinum. You can have children create high quality greetings and cards and share them with the family and friends.

2. Personalize Your Work

Whether you’re making calendars, greeting cards or other creative projects, you will always get a personalized look that doesn’t look like generic, store bought art. The font is diverse enough that you’ll find an option for anything you need.

3. Powerful Editing Tools

Print Platinum allows you to add edges and frames that look professional or apply award-winning effects with an instant feedback preview. You can change transparency or shadow, or add captions with text.

4. Affordable Price

You can buy Professor Franklin’s Print Platinum $103.56, which is quite affordable in comparison to other programs on the market.