3 Reasons to Buy PhotoStore

PhotoStore, which is made by Ktools, is a program that will help you create an online storefront that you can use to sell your photos. PhotoStore comes with a 14 day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose by giving the program a shot. Here are some reasons to buy PhotoStore:

1. Secure Shopping

One of the best reasons to buy PhotoStore is the fact that PhotoStore will protect both your customers and yourself. Customers are able to feel secure knowing that their credit card information is encrypted when they place an order with you. For your protection, PhotoStore has a built-in, no right click feature, and you can add a watermark to all of your images so no one steals them.

2. Sales

Of course, PhotoStore is all about increasing your sales. Many programs that are similar to PhotoStore only allow you to sell photos. In addition to being able to sell photos with the storefront that PhotoStore creates for you, you will also be able to sell prints, products, video files, ZIP files and other popular digital files. PhotoStore even allows free photos if you are looking to attract new business.

3. Uploading Features

PhotoStore is full of uploading features that are designed to save you time when it comes to adding media to your storefront. You can choose to upload photos and other types of media to your PhotoStore storefront via a web browser or FTP client. PhotoStore even comes with an easy to use bulk photo uploader.